We’ve already seen the iPhone 5C an uncountable amount of times, in both high resolution picture and video form. But someone, allegedly in possession of an iPhone 5C rear shell, has decided to raise the stakes. Rather than just provide a boring old video of what the shell looks like, Taiwanese website Apple Daily puts the device through a quick and dirty durability test. On first impression, it sure looks like Apple’s new plastic iPhone will be pretty darn tough.

Despite always displaying a level of engineering and build quality few can match, Apple’s iPhones have typically been a little on the fragile side. If the iPhone 4/4S glass isn’t shattering, the anodized finish of the iPhone 5 is scratching with the faintest of touches. And while we can’t say the iPhone 5S will be any less or more resistant to damage when it launches, it appears the iPhone 5C will be able to withstand everyday hazards.

In the video, Apple Daily puts the iPhone 5C in a sandwich bag full of coins and car keys, and shakes it to ensure optimum damage. But, as the video shows, the iPhone 5C handles the situation in stride. The demonstration even shows someone purposely scratching the iPhone 5C shell with a key and nothing seems to happen; from what we can tell, the plastic casing appears very resistant.

The video itself isn’t the highest quality (and we weren’t able to embed it, so be sure to hit the source), so we can’t determine its durability with any finality. But it gives us an idea that, while the materials are plastic, Apple is using a finish that’s impervious to some situations of real world damage. How it’ll withstand drops is another matter entirely.

Apple Daily also measures the iPhone 5C with a digital caliper, showing measurements of 124.55 mm tall, 59.13 mm wide and 8.98 mm thick. That’s largely in line with the iPhone 5, though Apple’s current device is only 8.50 mm thick, so there’s obviously a difference. As MacRumors points out, Apple Daily has paired the iPhone 5C shell with a front panel that sticks out slightly, and it’s unclear if the panel was correctly installed or just put on there for the sake of demonstrations.

Apple is expected to unveil both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C early next month, with a possible release (at least in Japan) on Sept. 20. If that’s the case, we’ll find out pretty soon just how durable Apple’s new handset is.