A supposed image of Apple's iPhone 5C shows what the device will look like in its final retail packaging. Up until now, many of the leaks have merely shown what the handset's colorful rear shell will look like all by itself. And while we got a quick glimpse alleged iPhone 5C packaging before, this new picture reveals Apple's cheaper iPhone is ready to ship out.

With Apple reportedly holding an event on Sept. 10, and pretty much every big carrier (and even Apple itself) cutting off vacation time next month, it sure appears the iPhones are near. It's difficult to tell if the above image is authentic given its origin—and the fact that there are Chinese knockoffs kicking around—but I really wouldn't be surprised to see Apple package its more colorful iPhone 5Cs like this. By putting the devices in transparent packaging, the colors will pop out on store shelves and allow potential buyers to more easily choose their favorite color.

It's almost September, meaning we'll likely see a ton of activity leading up to Apple's iPhone announcement. In addition to more colorful iPhone 5C options, Apple also looks set to introduce champagne and graphite to its iPhone 5S, so there will be no shortage of options when both devices hit later this month.