The iPhone 5c has only been out for two weeks and already Best Buy is slashing its cost by half, dropping the colorful smartphone’s price tag to just $49.99 starting today through Monday Oct. 7, ABC reports. The retail chain’s limited deal is a bit more complicated than your typical price cut, with customers paying the full $99 and then getting a $50 gift card that can be used towards their new smartphone. You could buy a new case, or an accessory, with that money, and that strategy keeps the cash inside Best Buy’s ecosystem while attracting consumers who want a lower up-front price point.

Best Buy isn’t the first to offer a price drop on the iPhone 5c. Before the device even launched, Target and Walmart both announced they would sell the device for $79.99 on contract, while Sprint is offering the new handset for $0 down for customers switching over from a competing carrier. If you’re happy with your cell service, though, Best Buy is now offering the best deal on the iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 5c offers near-identical specs to the now-discontinued iPhone 5, but comes in a unibody plastic chassis and a variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, blue and green. The handset comes equipped with an 8-megapixel camera, an A6 processor, a 4-inch Retina Display and runs iOS 7 out of the box.