iPhone 5c - Generic - Picture - 003

Apple will likely unveil the rumored iPhone 5C early next month. According to a new report, the device, which is expected to target emerging markets, may not land in China until late November. Chinese site First Financial Daily claims that the national approval process for the new device could delay its release until November 28.

Based on the company's product cycles over the past few years, we expect the new iPhone to launch globally around Sept.r 20, just 10 days after its rumored press event. However, Tim Cook's recent trips to China suggest that he sees the low-cost handset as its best chance to break into the world's largest smartphone market.

Based on leaked photos, the iPhone 5C will feature a plastic design with rounded edges and will launch n a variety of colors. It's unclear how much the device will cost; some reports claim Apple's carrier partners will offer it for free with a 2-year contract while others believe the 5C will be a mid-range device priced at $99 with a contract. We won't know anything for sure until Apple officially announces the device though, so stay tuned.