Every single iPhone 5C leak we’ve seen so far either shows the device in one of a few colors, including blue, green, red and yellow, or in white. That led us to believe that Apple didn’t have any plans for a black model. Now, pictures of an alleged iPhone 5C have surfaced, totally changing our expectations.

The device seems to have the exact same dimensions and glossy finish as the iPhone 5C and, like other leaks, we can see a single LED flash flanking the camera up top. If you look close, you can also make out the Lightning port and 3.5mm headphone jack, next to two speaker grills on the bottom. In other words, someone has either grabbed a copy of the design materials for the iPhone 5C, or Apple really is building this option.

It looks like a decidedly mid-range handset next to the iPhone 5 in one image, which is exactly what Apple is probably going for. The iPhone 5C is supposed to end up at the low-end of Apple’s iPhone family and will likely launch in China where consumers have been reluctant to buy the higher-priced iPhones. We definitely like the colors a lot more, but the black option could be a popular seller among more conservative buyers.