A new Apple TV ad released the same day as iOS 7 shows how the iPhone 5c and its new operating system were created to complement one another. Called “Designed Together,” the commercial demonstrates how device and software take visual cues from one another, particularly when it comes to their bright color scheme and a move towards simplified, and often rounded forms.

The latest ad is reminiscent of the colorful, energetic ads that Apple first rolled out with the iPod. The focus is more on creating a general feeling than on highlighting specific features, which Apple does through some impressive animation as well as the use of the song “1:18” by Norwegian electronic band Lemaitre. Of course, there’s still an emphasis on functionality, and we see everything from the 5c’s button placement to new features on iOS 7 like the Control Center.

iOS 7 was released earlier today and is available as a free download for all iPhones dating back to the iPhone 4; second, third and fourth generations iPads; the iPad Mini; and the fifth generation iPod Touch. The iPhone 5c was announced last week by Apple. It is currently available for pre-order and launches this Friday, Sept. 20.