While we’ve already had a glance at Sprint’s future devices, the carrier still has room for a few more. We know that Sprint will carry the iPhone 5 sometime this fall, but what about the Now Network’s plans for 2013?

“Sprint is very interested in watching what happens with Motorola and Google over the next year,” David Owens, Sprint’s VP of product development said on Monday. “We’re still waiting to see how it unfolds. What will Google do with Motorola? Now they’re building out their roadmap. What does that look like for Sprint for 2013?”

Owens also gave indication that his company has its eye on Samsung and Intel’s Linux-based Tizen platform, which is rumored to debut sometime in the second half of this year. Sprint recently became the first major U.S. carrier to join the Tizen Association, which suggests that it will eventually offer Tizen devices when the platform is launched. According to Phone Scoop, Sprint doesn’t have specific launch plans for Tizen, but the platform will be a part of the carrier’s 2013 roadmap.

Following up on his recent positive remarks about Windows Phone 8, Owens said that Microsoft has made significant improvements to its mobile platform. Sprint launched its lone Windows Phone handset in March 2011, the HTC Arrive, which failed to do well with customers, It is said to be the carrier’s most returned device.

Owens reiterated the company will carry Windows Phone 8 products in the future.

There have been rumors of Sprint releasing a Windows Phone 8 device this fall and while Sprint may not have plans to offer an abundance of Windows Phones, we’re glad to see that the carrier plans on giving its customers more options in the near future.

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