iPhone 5: Black and WhiteDespite having a lineup of LTE devices that offer simultaneous voice and data, Verizon's iPhone 5 won't support the feature, according to The Verge. A Verizon spokesperson confirmed the news on Thursday, saying users will only be able to access the Internet over WiFi while on a voice call.

This is in stark contrast to AT&T's version; the carrier confirmed it will support the feature on Apple's new handset, just as it does now on the iPhone 4/4S. The only caveat, The Verge said, is that data won't fly at LTE speeds while using voice, and instead run on HSPA+.

In addition, it's probably a safe bet to assume (though it isn't confirmed) that Sprint's iteration of the iPhone 5 will meet the same fate as the Verizon version since they're one in the same. The feature may not be that big of a deal for some, but others might find it useful. Personally, I use it pretty often on AT&T, so I'd definitely miss not being able to talk and surf.

[via TheVerge]