iPhone 5 render front

We have already seen a number of leaks suggesting that Apple will adopt a new 19-pin port on the iPhone 5 that replaces the current 30-pin connector. Reuters said it has now confirmed that rumor with two of its own sources, which also said that the iPhone 5 will launch "around October."

The new port could spell trouble for current iPhone owners who have accessories that require the 30-pin connector — such as speaker docks and charging stations. However, Reuters spokes to several analysts that said the new port will mean big business for Apple's accessory partners. "It represents an opportunity for accessory vendors," said Pete Cunningham, an analyst with Canalys. "The iPhone connector has been a standard for a long time now and I would expect the same to be true for a new connector, should Apple change it as expected." Another analyst thinks Apple will provide an adapter so that 30-pin accessories aren't immediately outdated.

"Apple needs to find a solution not to disappoint their current clients who want to upgrade to the new iPhone but are tied to an expensive accessory that have bought," IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo told Reuters."I believe Apple will come up with some sort of adaptor so the new iPhone can be used with previous connectors."

That makes the most sense to us, too. Apple would no doubt have millions of upset customers if they had to repurchase every accessory all over again.

[via Reuters]