Wi-Fi problems can be caused by myriad things. Sometimes it’s a weak signal from the router. Other times, it’s an issue with the device itself. That’s no surprise. Phones have gotten slimmer, with less room for trifling things like — oh, I don’t know — ANTENNAS. And then there’s the fundamental fact that users are actually intended to hold these devices, which can impede reception.

One of the devices called out for middling Wi-Fi signal strength is the iPhone 5, which led Absolute Technology to attack the problem head-on with an innovative signal-boosting case called the Linkase.

One look tells you the story: The case has a boom arm that pops out, which is embedded with an external antenna. This is no ordinary antenna, though — it works via electromagnetic waveguide (EMW) technology, so there’s no finicky connection issues or extra apps to contend with. Pull out the arm, and it works with your phone’s internal antenna to increase reception up to 50 percent, says the company. When you’re done, just pop the EMW element back in.

Linkase3The polycarbonate case, with its leather coating and raised bevels of rubber for screen protection, isn’t the thinnest case around, but it’s also not the bulkiest. And it comes in five color choices — black, grey, white, blue and red. The EMW antenna is interchangeable and also comes in different colors, so you can match what you have or go with a contrasting pick. (The product includes an extra antenna of a different color.)

Take note: Linkase only works for the iPhone 5, at least so far, and no retailers or online ordering info is available yet. But if you like this concept, keep your eyes peeled on the Absolute website for updates.