Apple's iPhone 5 will allegedly support 4G LTE networks across the globe, according to sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal. It's a huge unchecked box that Apple can now take off its to-do list, and puts the company on the same plain as a Samsung as smartphone owners look to move toward LTE.

The WSJ said Apple's next wunderkind won't support every LTE network available, but the vast majority will get a taste of the upcoming iPhone 5. If Apple wants to keep up with the fiercely competitive playing field, it couldn't afford to introduced half-baked LTE support — and if there's a company that can meet the technical engineering challenge of designing a chip with support for multiple radio antennas, it's Apple.

The Cupertino company offered LTE in its iPad earlier this year, but support was very limited — only Verizon and AT&T here in the U.S., and Bell, Rogers and Telus in Canada. Introducing global LTE support in what is being billed as the most anticipated smartphone launch in history is a no-brainer. LTE has long been expected in the iPhone 5 since rumors began circulating at the beginning of this year, and with glimpses of a larger battery, we'd say the probability is quite high.

[via WSJ]