iphone_5_logic_board_front_back A6

We're already expecting a faster processor and 4G LTE support in the iPhone 5, but new images of a leaked logic board appear to confirm that the device will pack an A6 chip, a Qualcomm MDM9615M 4G LTE modem, a nano-SIM card and Hynix flash memory. This probably doesn't mean a whole lot to most readers, but here's what you can gather: the iPhone 5 is going to be much faster than the current generation iPhone 4S, from both a processing and a network perspective, if this part is indeed legitimate.

Oh, and to solidify the speculation that the phone will support 4G LTE networks even further, Apple has a new site listed at http://www.apple.com/iPhone/LTE/. That suggests we'll see it launched on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in the United States, each of which has a 4G LTE network.

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