iPhone 5 Mockups

We're starting to dislike the iPhone 5 and iPad mini rumors as much as the next person, but it's important to note when several analysts and news outlets begin to peg similar launch dates. If history is any indication, that typically means that there's some legitimacy behind the reports.

On Tuesday another analyst, this time Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, offered his expectations on the launch of the new iPhone and iPad mini. Kuo said he believes Apple's iPhone 5 will launch in September and will be followed by the launch of the iPad mini. Those estimations are on a par with what we've heard before. Rumors earlier this month said that Apple was preparing to release the iPhone on September 21st and that production of the iPad mini is set to begin in September.

Are these estimates correct? We never know for sure, but as reports from established news sources such as The Wall Street Journal and Reuters begin to match up, it's hard not to start believing that the September/October iPhone 5 launch time frame might be correct.

[via CNET]