iPhone 5 Blurred Phone

Add another rumor to the pile of "the iPhone 5 will launch in June" talk we've been hearing.

Last week a Foxconn worker claimed the iPhone 5 will launch in June, and now Commercial Times – a Chinese language newspaper –  is reporting that Daiwa Securities is also jumping on the June train.  According to the securities firm, the iPhone 5 will feature glass-to-glass touch panel technology which will benefit touch panel suppliers TPK Holding and Wintek.

Daiwa Securities didn't cite any sources for their claim of the June release, so there is every chance that they are either following the rumors from last week, or that they could simply be guessing.

The October release of the iPhone 4S was a definite departure from the normal release cycle of the iPhone which had traditionally been unveiled at the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) Apple holds each June at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  No dates have yet been announced for this years conference, but as MacRumors points out, the Moscone booking calendar shows a large portion of the building blocked off for a "corporate meeting" to be held there June 10th – 15th.  In years past a similar "corporate meeting" has shown up on the calendar that just happens to end up coinciding with the WWDC.

While a June release for the iPhone 5 is possible, the bigger question is if Apple will want to release another iteration of the popular handset a mere eight months after the last one.  While many pundits were disappointed in the minor improvements between the iPhone 4 and 4S, there is still no denying the phone is selling well.  Would Apple want to annoy customers who have grown accustomed to at least a year between iPhone updates by updating it again this soon?  It seems at least a tiny bit unlikely to this author.

What do you think?  Will Apple update the iPhone again as soon as this June?

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