According to a new report that cites multiple sources, the iPhone 5 will have a 19-pin dock connector as opposed to the traditional 30-pin variety.

As more and more documents, schematics and parts have leaked out that are supposedly for the iPhone 5, it has become fairly obvious that one of the major changes will in the 30-pin dock connector. Apple has used this connection format since the third generation iPod, and it has become the centerpiece of a whole slew of accessories from cables to $30,000 speaker docks.

According to a new report from TechCrunch, the 30-pin connector is going the way of the dinosaur as Apple attempts to free up some space inside the upcoming iPhone 5 for other components.  Saying that it has spoken with three independent manufacturers with knowledge of the device, the 19-pin connector is supposedly now a lock for the next iteration of the popular Apple phone.

Should this come to be, it will mean that some form of adapter will have to be released in a flash to handle the millions of 30-pin compatible devices that out there.  This is sure to come at an added cost and leave a lot if displeased consumers as well as third-party manufacturers left sitting with unsold merchandise designed for the old connector.

With no release of the iPhone 5 expected until the fall, it will be a while before we know the results of this rumor for sure, but it things are definitely getting intriguing.

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