iPhone 5 Black (Front and Side)
Rumors continue to accumulate that the iPhone 5 will be coming out in Sept.

After it was clear that there would be no early June announcement for the Apple device as people had grown accustomed to, Sept. seems to have become the most often rumored launch window or this year.  According to Boy Genius Report, the newest news bit to pile on to this date comes via an employee of China Mobile who perhaps said too much on a microblogging service.  Apparently the overly enthusiastic employee sent out a message via Weibo.com, a site similar to Twitter, that said the iPhone 5 would launch in Sept.  The message was later deleted, only adding to the mystery behind the message.

This goes hand-in-hand with recent reports that acting Apple CEO Tim Cook had been spotted attending meetings with representatives of China Mobile, so it does seem that at least some people within that carrier would have knowledge of a potential launch window.

There is some speculation that the iPhone 5 could launch slightly sooner in the United States, but as with everything connected to this particular phone at the moment, it’s rumors.

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[via Boy Genius Report]