Whenever we’re on the brink of a new gadget unveiling, the rumors always seem to heat up, and Apple devices are no exception. The iPhone 5 is expected next month, but with stories about another lost prototype in the wild, fuzzy sightings, and supposed phone “snapshots” surfacing, it has all seemed kind of vague, no? Well, until now, that is. [Er, maybe not. Check out the update below.]

Here’s the latest: PocketNow purports that it has a screenshot from the settings app of an actual iPhone 5 testing unit rocking iOS 5 (beta 7). The About page suggests that we’re looking at the dawn of a new 64GB iPhone — the very first Apple handset of this storage capacity tier. The site also notes that, in light of rumors of Apple tossing out the home button and going with a virtual one set in a larger screen, this configuration “apparently allows for a larger screen, although no specific dimensions were given.”

So iFans, would you jump at the chance for a 64GB iPhone? How would you feel if all those iPhones that are reportedly being made right now are being assembled without a home button, but with a bigger screen?

[via PocketNow]


Well, that was fast. It appears someone has his pants on fire, as this image got debunked by the Apple hounds at MacRumors. Seems a Fort Worth man was actually sending this bit of fiction around, just looking for someone to bite. Hmm — I hear everything’s bigger in Texas. I guess that includes the hoaxes. Sorry to disappoint, Buffalos.

Having said that, there’s clearly interest in a large capacity iPhone. You’d think Cupertino would take some notice, no? At least that would be a nice ending to an otherwise irritating situation. Jussayin’.