That’s it? Less than 4-inches? Actually, according to Apple’s panel suppliers, the iPhone 5’s screen will fall between the 3.5-inch and 3.7-inch mark. So much for a 4-inch edge-to-edge display. In fact, the design supposedly allows the bezel of the panel to become thinner, which in turn creates the illusion of a larger screen.

DigiTimes also reports that the iPhone 5’s back will be fortified with a metal chassis rather than a secondary pane of helicopter-grade aluminosilicate glass characteristic of the iPhone 4. And remember all of the those luscious specs we’ve all been salivating over all year? You know, the HD touch panel, 8-megapixel camera, A5 dual-core and Full HD video recording. Apple’s panel supplier allegedly says that’s a bunch of hocus pocus, and are rather idealistic specs foisted by Apple hopefuls.

The supplier even slams this deflating notion down on the table. “The upcoming iPhone will not have many differences compared to iPhone 4 in terms of components,” says DigiTimes.

What do you guys think of that!?

[Source: DigiTimes]