Apple_iPhone_5_Back_Logo_GlassApple’s Senior President of Marketing Phil Schiller has allegedly responded to concerns over the iPhone 5’s susceptibility to scratching, particularly the black model, by basically saying deal with it. One Apple fan put out a query asking what the Cupertino company planned to do to fix the problem, and Schiller responded by saying scratching on aluminum “is normal.”

Be that as it may, Schiller didn’t necessarily answer either question of what users should do or if Apple has plans to come up with a fix. Reports around the Web have suggested the device is prone to scuffs and scratches without much effort at all. In some cases, users are reporting small nicks right out of the box, which doesn’t say much for the company’s manufacturing process, no matter how thorough.

Apple’s latest iPhone is much sturdier than the shatter-prone iPhone 4/4S of lore when dropped, so there’s a big tradeoff to the new device’s susceptibility to scratches. Our own Jon Rettinger hasn’t noticed any scuffs or scratches on the model he got, so the problem could be confined to a minority of users. We’ll have to see how this one plays out in the coming months.

[via 9to5Mac]