What a long, strange trip it’s been. Apple delays its iPhone announcement until the Fall. Steve Jobs steps down from his CEO throne and knights Tim Cook to don the black turtleneck. Apple is on a legal crusade that puts Mark E. Salamone and Joe Bornstein advertisements to shame.

And amidst all of this discombobulation, we’ve been assaulted with iPhone rumors out the wazoo. In fact, 2011 marks the highest concentration of iPhone rumors that I can remember, and that’s largely due in part to the postponed October 4th announcement date.

So why don’t we take a look at the spectrum of rumors we’ve been catering you with over the past few months. Some are quite compelling, others are beyond preposterous and a few are just plain wrong. Whatever the case, they’re just rumors in the end, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

September 27th

This one’s true. Apple announces its iPhone press conference to be held at its Cupertino headquarters on October 4th at 10AM PST. We’ll be covering the entire event, so be sure to tune your dials to the Buffalo.

September 26th

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore parallels his original iPhone forecast in the Spring, predicting two iPhones to launch on October 4th: a mid-tier iPhone 4S and a revamped iPhone 5. Will Mr. Whitmore’s prognostication uphold? Time will only tell.

September 22nd

Yes, this one was a bit embarrassing. Due to the time-sensitive nature of tech journalism, we ran this story about a potential iPhone 4G based on a Best Buy leak of an Orlando Magic case. It turned out, the “4G” was merely an internal abbreviation for “4th generation.” I’m still kicking my own ass for that one. After further investigation, Sean debunked that one swiftly like a Boss.

September 22nd

And earlier that day, Noah stumbled upon a far more convincing rumor involving Otterbox and a gaggle of iPhone 4S case packages spotted in certain AT&T stores. Otterbox claimed they “knew as much as we did” when I phoned my contact, but the potential truth had already been written on the box.

September 22nd

My goodness, the 22nd was rife with iPhone rumor madness! Killian reported that an analyst predicted only one iPhone launching–the iPhone 4S–while the iPhone 5 would not be making its debut. Bummer.

September 21st

Oh, Mr. Gore. First the Global Warming debacle, and now this. Al Gore apparently talks about the “new iPhones coming out next month.” Keep in mind Mr. Gore is on Apple’s board, but for how long is the real question.

September 21st

We also reported on this day that the iPhone announcement might fall upon October 4th. Low and behold, look at today’s news!

September 19th

At this point, I had grown so repulsed by iPhone rumors that I wrote this delightful little op-ed.

September 15th

Case-mate puts up an iPhone 5 case page for about 15 minutes, revealing the backside of the alleged device. Interesting. The page was up long enough for the first taste of chum that led to a press feeding frenzy before it was hastily taken down. Apple’s marketing team rules.

September 8th

DigiTimes reported that 150,000 iPhone 5 units were being assembled in overseas factories every day. Though it could be the iPhone 4S.

September 7th

An iPhone 5 camera test image leaks out? But the EXIF data claims it was taken with an iPhone 4! Ah, but upon further investigation, the image was 8-megapixels and the aperture differed from the iPhone 4. Perhaps an iPhone 5 camera being tested in an iPhone 4 body? One will never know…

August 29th

A Sprint iPhone 5? No comment.

August 29th

Another DigiTimes report led us to believe that the iPhone 5’s screen would not exceed 4 inches. So much for that 4.3-inch Android-killing display!

August 19th

Early October? That’s right around this time! It’s also the date AT&T’s Vice President claimed the iPhone 5 would be shipping.

August 15th

Apparently, the iPhone 5 had started its LTE testing phase by different carriers. With AT&T recently rolling out their LTE service, it would make sense for the iPhone 5’s launch date to be postponed until now.

July 29th

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…an iPhone 5 out in the wild? An anonymous man on a train with a never-before-seen iPhone model? That’s the ultimate recipe for an ultimate rumor.

July 18th

Two iPhones, not one! Yes, this rumor falls right in line with one of our most recent reports from analyst Chris Whitmore, who claimed Apple would release a budget-friendly iPhone 4S and flagship iPhone 5.

June 17th

At this point, it’s getting a bit out of hand, so check out our launch of the TechnoBuffalo iOS 5 and iPhone 5 hubs here for even more rumor madness!

Which of these rumors do you believe?