We’ve seen plenty (too many?) leaks related to the iPhone 5 (here’s our guide to all of them) and a new one just surfaced. The new iPhone will allegedly run a Samsung ARM S5L8950X application processor, according to beta iOS 6 code that was examined by 9to5Mac. The processor is reportedly an upgrade from the current chips used in the iPhone 4S and the new iPad but there isn’t any information in exactly how or why it’s an improved chip. 9to5Mac suggests that it’s a dual-core lower-power processor that’s build using Samsung’s 32nm fabrication process and we’re in agreement with that logic.

Apple is calling the processor an “A5-***” chip internally but 9to5Mac didn’t reveal the last three digits of the code name in an effort to protect its sources. The phone’s graphics processing unit is allegedly dubbed SGX543RC* (another hidden digit there) and is reportedly a brand new GPU that is not yet available on the market. We’re guessing this new iPhone will offer a gaming experience we haven’t yet seen on an iPhone before. Also among the specs? 1GB of RAM, which is on a par with most high-end smartphones these days.

The source told 9to5Mac that Apple is on schedule for an October release for the phone and might even be able to get it out the door earlier. It’s also making great headway on iOS 6, which we expect to hear more about during WWDC later next month.

The site also published an image of what is reportedly Apple’s new mapping software. It doesn’t show much at all, other than a partial map of the United States, but it appears to be running on an iPhone. The compass button is on the lower-left hand side of the screen and the 3D option is said to be buried in a menu.

[via 9to5Mac]