iPhone 5 White Box

The iPhone 5 is set to launch on Sept. 21, shortly after the company announces the device on Sept. 12. While we’ve seen plenty of iPhone 5 leaks, we haven’t yet seen what the phone’s packaging will look like.

Now, a few images that suggest what the box might look like have spilled out to the Internet thanks to HDBlog. We’re not declaring these photos and renders as legitimate just yet, however. It looks like an uncut slick that just hasn’t been wrapped into cardboard, and the top portion of one Apple logo appears to have been cut off, so this could be a reject box or an early design.

The image only shows the cutout for what the box might look like, and is accompanied by a render that was created using the image. We’re taking this with a grain of salt for now, and you probably should too.

iPhone 5 Package Gallery

[via HDBlog]