What's the best phone to buy if you want to consume the least amount of data possible? Not the iPhone 5, according to a new study published Monday by Arieso.

The firm found that iPhone 5 users consume 50 percent more data than consumers who own the iPhone 4, and four times the amount of iPhone 3G owners. The device was the hungriest out of 125 phones tested.

Android smartphones, such as the Galaxy S III, were guilty of using boatloads of data, too… albeit differently. Arieso said the Galaxy S III uploaded "four times the amount of data than iPhone 3G users" and was highest ranked in the uplink data usage charts. We're not too surprised, especially since the Galaxy S III is incredibly popular and Android makes it super easy to share photos, video and other media with social networks.

Arieso is a bit concerned with the launch of LTE in Europe, however, and warns carriers need to understand that data usage is only going to increase once it's available. "For three years now we've seen how greater technical capabilities lead to greater data consumption by consumers. From our own experience helping operators around the world prepare their networks for evolving user demands, we hypothesise that LTE alone won't 'solve' the data problem – it will exacerbate it," warned Flanagan. "It's a complex, fluid and increasingly high stakes situation for operators to deal with. Having performance engineering solutions that can reveal the customer experience across multiple technologies is going to be vital to understanding this going forward."