iPhone 5 Mockup in Hand

The sheer amount of iPhone visibility in the past several months has charred our retinas to a crisp — and there's no respite to be found. Along with rumors pointing to a September 12 unveil, the Internet has bombarded readers with potential mockups and renders, something TechnoBuffalo did back when it was still the cool thing to do.

Here are more. Many, many more.

The interesting thing about these mockups is how they show scale when placed in the hand. It's tall, real tall. It's also strangely narrow, as we've come to expect. But it just looks weird with all those icons and that extra tall screen.

The two-tone design doesn't really bother me all that much anymore, particularly in the black version. Otherwise, you can see the headphone jack on the bottom, along with the new speaker grill and possible 8-pin dock connector.

It's not much different from how the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S look right now, but Apple obviously feels that design was so ahead of its time it can continue to recycle it (albeit with a new aluminum back).

Perhaps it's just a way for Apple to keep its flagship handsets uniform as it seems to be doing with its naming scheme. I.e. iPad 3 is just iPad, while the iPhone 5 will likely just be iPhone.

[via Gizmodo, NoWhereElse]

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