iphone-5-logic-boardWith all the leaked iPhone 5 parts, we're basically getting a reverse iFixIt teardown. Rather than getting the product, dissecting it, and then putting it back together, outlets seem to be compiling available parts into a Frankendevice. The above logic board, alleged to belong to Apple's newest iPhone, is another such part.

We already got a brief glimpse inside the guts of the iPhone 5's shell, but nothing conclusive has been determined about what specs the device will come with. Unfortunately, the leaked logic board you see above (front and back) doesn't shed much light on the situation.

However, according to Chinese site Sina.com, the above logic board is indeed for the iPhone 5. In addition — and this wasn't determined from the logic board alone, but a source — Apple's next handset will come equipped with the same A5X chip found in the new iPad. Even though Apple has seemingly failed at keeping its next device under wraps, it has at least managed to keep the device's guts a secret. We'll see if what little mystery surrounding the device is enough to keep folks interested until Sept. 12.

[via MacRumors]