iPhone 5 Logic Board Photos Surface (Gallery)

We have published what feels like hundreds of posts focused on the iPhone 5 and, now, we treat you to yet another. Photos of the iPhone 5 logic board leaked over the weekend, compliments of a Chinese forum called Weiphone. The photos allegedly show both the back and front of the phone’s logic board compartment, which holds the device’s new processor inside. Weiphone decided to compare the circuit board to the shells of the iPhone 5, which have already been leaked, and found that it fits perfectly inside and nests exactly on top of the case’s screw holes. Want more proof? French news site Nowherelese.fr created an animated gif that shows just how nicely it fits in.

So what’s the big deal? The original Weiphone poster published the logic board of the iPhone 4S last year, and that part turned out to be legitimate.

Unfortunately, as MacRumors points out, the shielding around the processor makes it hard to identify what’s inside the logic board. The latest reports suggest that Apple began production of the device in July, that the device will have a new 9-pin Dock Connector, and that Apple gearing up to announce the phone during a press event on September 12. It’s expected to land in consumer’s hands, with the final build of iOS 6, on September 21.

iPhone 5 Logic Board Gallery

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