Today has already been a big day for leaks related to Apple’s next generation iPhone. We heard earlier this morning that Apple is testing two 3.95-inch iPhone 5 units at its headquarters and then, just a few hours later, several images of new partswere spilled onto the Web.  To keep you up-to-date with all of the latest on the iPhone 5, we’ve compiled all of the leaks into this handy post.

Back in February the first images suggesting that Apple will indeed deploy a larger display on its new iPhone surfaced. Then, a few weeks ago we first saw images of a new home button that, if legit, quell any thoughts that Apple would ditch the staple in its next iPhone. The home button looks a hair different than button on the current generation iPhone 4S, which might lend a bit of credence to its legitimacy.

On May 2nd a new SIM tray leaked, which suggests that Apple will continue using a microSIM until its nano-SIM standard is accepted (or agreed upon, anyway). Unfortunately, the tray looks almost identical to the one used in the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, so it didn’t really provide any new insight into the iPhone 5’s indsutrial design.

On May 13th, new images were published that allegedly revealed the new iPhone’s headphone jack and earpiece. Obviously these are two pieces that are necessary to any phone, but the component design suggests Apple is taking a different cosmetic approach with the iPhone 5. As we noted at the time, Apple typically groups the headphone jack with its volume rocker and mute switch, but the new part shows the headphone jack paired with Wi-Fi cabling and an earphone piece.

That brings us to today, when images of an iPod touch display part suggested Apple will refresh the media player with a larger 4.1-inch screen were leaked. Despite differing reports that Apple will include a 3.95-inch screen or “at least a 4-inch screen,” it’s entirely possible that Apple’s iPhone 5 will offer the same display as a new iPod touch.

The full gallery of leaked images is below.

iPhone 5 Leaked Parts Gallery