iPhone 5 laying front - assembled

At long last, someone has brought together all of the leaked iPhone 5 parts and put them together so we can get a better idea of what to expect in the fall.

Considering how many leaked parts have been floating around there for the iPhone 5, it only makes sense that someone would finally bring them together and assemble them.  The folks over at iLab have done just that, and while the phone is missing the vast majority of its internal components, the exterior tells us quite a bit.

One of the most notable iPhone 5 confirmations, should all of these parts be the real ones, is that we are definitely shrinking from the well-known 30-pin dock connector down to a new 19-pin version.  This was confirmed by sources speaking to Reuters earlier this month, and seeing how it turns up in almost every leak, it has gotten to the point where its difficult to thinkt hat it is anything other than true.  It also appears the concept of a "taller" iPhone – which we have seen in leaked iPhone 5 front panel rumors numerous times, is also just about a guarantee at this point.

Seeing as how Apple is notoriously secretive, it is odd just how many of these parts have leaked out over the past few months.  There are rumors that Apple has tested multiple iPhone 5 designs, but seeing as every leak has fallen in line with what you see in the gallery below, it's seeming more and more certain this will indeed be what we can expect from the iPhone 5.

[via iLab]