A new leak of iPhone 5 engineering samples look to prove the next iteration will indeed be taller.

GottaBeMobile has come into possession of some photos of what looks to be metal engineering samples of the iPhone 5.  The source that provided them with the images is a known and trusted source to the site.

From the parts shown here, the iPhone 5 will clock in at just over 120mm tall compared to the 115.2mm of the iPhone 4S.  This fits in nicely with all of the leaks we've seen of the new front screen that keep popping up from time to time.  It also shows a space for the home button, so it's safe to say we won't be having the "is there a home button" debate this time around.  The width also appears to be around the same 58.6mm size as the iPhone 4S, proving further that Apple will increase the size of the display by going taller, not wider.

The iPhone 5 samples don't tell us much about the display, but the photo of the back panel definitely gives the impression it will be made from two different materials, a rumor we have seen pop up time and time again.

It also shows that the camera will remain in the current location of the top left corner, along with the flash.

The antenna design appears to remain the same as the iPhone 4S, which was a redesign from the infamous antennagate that the iPhone 4 presented users with.

The most troubling issue from looking at these iPhone 5 samples is that the device does not appear to be any thicker, and that could mean no increase in the size of the battery.  If the rumors of LTE support are true, most smartphone users know how quickly that technology drains a battery.  Apple is known, however, for being pretty efficient with tweaking its battery capacities, so we'll have to wait and see what happens here.

It does appear that these samples match up with the iPhone 5 mock-ups we did back in May.  There is always a chance that this is just one of several designs Apple is working on – which matches up with another rumor that has been circulating – but it's looking more and more likely that the iPhone 5 will feature the taller design that has been making the rounds.

[via GottaBeMobile]