iPhone 5 Mockups

We have already heard reports that the iPhone 5 will launch on September 21st and, now, a new report on Monday suggests that date is indeed the day that iPhone fans have been waiting for.

iMore said that it has learned from sources, who have allegedly been accurate in the past, that Apple is prepared to announce the iPhone 5, a new iPod nano and the iPad mini during a press event on September 12th. The iPhone 5 will then be available for purchase just nine days later on September 21.

There have been varying reports on the exact size of the iPad mini's display, although most suggest the screen will fall in at about 7.85-inches. It's unclear what the new iPod nano will pack, although we're guessing it will be a relatively minor update with a new camera and several other new features. The iPhone 5 is largely expected to offer a 4-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and, of course, iOS 6.

We have built detailed renders of both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, so be sure to check them out.

[via iMore]