There has been a ton of talk around Apple's upcoming iOS 6 and iPhone 5, but as it stands people seem somewhat divided on what to expect. While some people argue that the next version of the iPhone and Apple's mobile operating system will be a modest change, others have said that it will be a complete overhaul. We even got in on the action and put together a recap of possibilities of what might be in store for iPhone fans.

However, a recent report from Cult of Mac claims that Apple is placing its focus on retooling iOS' core applications. It's being said that you can expect a new "Google-free" Maps application, as well as a new silver UI. In addition to these claims of change, one of the publication's forum members conjured up a set of mockups demonstrating what these features may look like on a new and longer iPhone 5. If you'd like to see more of these well crafted concepts, feel free to check out the gallery below.

Update: Don't forget to check out our own iPhone 5 and iOS 6 mockups and renders.

iPhone 5 iOS 6 Gallery

[via: Cult of Mac]