iPhone 5 internal components

As we edge closer towards Apple's rumored September 12 event, rumors, reports, and leaks surrounding the sixth-generation iPhone are reaching their peak. The latest exposes some of the new handset's internals, including its headphone jack, nano-SIM tray, home button, and more.

Obtained by a site called iColorOS — which now appears to be offline — these parts show a number of components we've already seen, such as the outer protective glass and the SIM tray. But it also features several that are surfacing for the first time. The handset's home button, headphone hack, volume buttons and mute switch, and other flex cables have never shown their face before.

Once of the most interesting parts in this picture is that large metal panel on the bottom left, which appears to be a protective shield for the new iPhone's display. Although it's hard to be sure without seeing the entire handset's internal design, the piece could be an EMI shield, or a divider used to protect the screen from hot components — like the processor.

What's looking increasingly clear is that the new iPhone will indeed boast a larger screen, and therefore a different form factor. This was up for debate some weeks ago, but as we've neared the handset's launch, evidence supporting the new screen continues to surface.

[via AppleInsider]