Rich Text For MailIt would seem that the developer community is trying to send some very clear messages to Apple over the things they are unhappy with in iOS.  If the company actually picks up on this stuff and changes it in iOS 5 is another matter, but it is definitely an indication it seems that people would like to see some changes.

Not long ago we showed you a video of how notifications should work in iOS, and now someone else has come up with an application for jailbroken iPhones that blows the roof off of text handling. Called Rich Text For Mail, this app will do just about everything you can do with text in a regular email program, and it definitely makes you think, "Hey, why is this missing from iOS?"

Right now iOS gives you next to no font control, and that is just silly to be honest.  As more rich text mail services show up out there, why can't we do things like underline and bold our text?  Why can't I decide which font I want to use?

It's kind of sad that the most interesting things going on with iOS right now are happening elsewhere than at Apple.  There is some hope on the horizon in the form of the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) in a couple weeks since it appears to be very heavily focused on apps this year, which in turn hopefully means a preview of iOS 5.  It's hard to imagine that Apple is completely deaf to the frustration people are expressing with iOS as of late, but if some major changes don't pop up out of the next iteration of the operating system, Apple could definitely be looking at some people giving up the ghost and walking away from the iPhone family.

Choosing how your font displays is probably pretty far down the list of concerns for most iOS users, but when something this simple makes you sit up and take notice, it makes you wonder what else is missing from the software that we just haven't even pondered yet.  Rumors of iPhone 5 improvements abound for the hardware, lets just hope the software isn't being forgotten in the meantime.

What do you think are some of the missing features of iOS that should be addressed in iOS 5?