iPhone 5 NotificationsOne of the biggest complaints iPhone users have about the phone is the aging nature of iOS.  The operating system has remain unchanged since the phone’s introduction back in 2007, and it’s starting to show its age.  If you really want to get people going about what’s wrong with iOS, mention the notifications system.

The notifications have gotten to the point of annoyance that even our own Jon Rettinger made them a major part of his iOS rant back in March.  The idea of having to dismiss each one separately is just silly at this point, and the lack of anything being displayed on the lock screen, something that has become standard on just about every other phone out there these days, is just downright irritating.

To that end, 9to5Mac stumbled across the video you see above from Vimeo of one man’s idea of how notifications could be better handled in iOS 5, and in turn the iPhone 5.  In my opinion, I really, really hope someone at Apple has seen this.

This is so simple that it’s almost jaw dropping that it hasn’t already happened.  It’s not perfect, but darn is it close.  Why shouldn’t notifications work in a way similar to the mail app?  Why do you have to chase them all down or dismiss them one at a time as they pop up on your screen?

Please … Apple … see this, adopt it or something similar before all iOS users go insane.  This isn’t just an iPhone issue, but also one for iPod Touch and iPad owners.  In other words, anyone who owns an iOS device, we need this, and we need it now.

What do you think?  Do you like this concept for a new notification system?

[via 9to5Mac]