iOS 5 widgetsDespite the fact that it looks like the iPhone 5 is months away from release, it sounds like the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) will be anything but boring when it happens in a couple of weeks.  Traditionally this is where Apple has made big announcements about a new iPhone and other big pieces of hardware.  However, we're hearing that this year will be strictly about software, but before you yawn and say, "so what?", you may want to rethink paying attention this year.

The full announcement of Mac OS X Lion seems like a lock, and despite the iPhone 5 looking to be launched in Sept., it does look appear we're going to be treated to a preview of the iOS 5 operating system it should ship with.  Although it probably won't be released until the new phone comes out, since this conference is all about developers it stands to reason that the company will want to get them familiar with the new features so that they can have applications ready to take advantage of them as soon as it launches.

With that in mind, TechCrunch is reporting that sources have said we can expect to see revamped notifications and the addition of widgets.  Both of these seem wholly reasonable in light of the fact that they are two of the biggest complaints users have had about the OS since it launched in 2007.  We've already shown you one person's interpretation of how iOS 5 should handle notifications, and another about how text should be handled, but now a designer named Jan-Michael Cart has released a concept video of how he feels widgets should come to the Apple system.

His take seems to build somewhat off of the OS X concept of widgets as well as having a bit of a flavor of the many different user interfaces out there for Android.  The concept certainly looks simple in principle, but it would be interesting to see how your average consumer would deal with the concept of going left for one thing and right for another.  Part of the iPhone's success has been based on the simplicity of the operating system to the point that nearly anyone can grasp how to work it immediately; would two different systems such as this confuse people?

Again, this is just one man's concept of how widgets might work, but since it seems such a thing will be introduced this year by Apple, it is certainly worth some contemplation.

How would you like to see widgets added to iOS 5?