The iPhone 5 launched in South Korea on Friday and was greeted by crowds of shoppers excited to get their hands on the latest smartphone from Apple. SK Telcom, one of two carriers selling the iPhone 5 in South Korea, held a launch party at midnight for 300 of its customers who had pre-ordered the phone, Yonhap News said Friday. The customers were treated to live music performances and other giveaways. KT Corp, the second carrier offering the phone in South Korea, also held a similar party at one of its stores in Seoul.

Consumers waited out in the cold and snow for the phone, Yonhap News said.  "I should have gone to work, but I talked to my company and got permission to come to the event," one consumer said. Another said he was looking forward to the larger display and the lighter weight of the new flagship iPhone.

[via Yonhap News, iClarfied]