iphone-5-geekbench-scoreBenchmark scores aren’t always indicative of a device’s overall user experience, but they often hold precedence among the tech faithful. So those that covet the iPhone 5 will be happy to know that Apple’s new handset more than holds its own against the competition. In fact, the results show that Apple’s new A6 beats the quad-core chip in the Galaxy S III.

The scores reflect an extremely speedy device — the A6 more than doubled the performance of the iPad 3’s A5X, which is currently Apple’s fastest mobile device. 9to5Mac said no iOS device has previously scored above 800; the iPhone 5’s supposed dual-core processor got a 1601 Geekbench score. That’s pretty darn fast.

For context: the quad-core Galaxy S III got a 1560 score, while the Tegra 3 Nexus 7 notched in at 1591. However, the Galaxy S III running Jelly Bean got a score of 1781, which bests Apple’s latest handset. It just goes to show that Google’s buttery smooth OS makes a big difference, and also how unfortunate it is the OS hasn’t made its way to more devices.

If you base your purchase on specs alone, and consider user experience to be secondary, you’ve got a mighty tough devision on hand. It’s clear the iPhone 5 is more than capable of tangoing with the best out there, but I wonder what the beastly Note II will have to say about that when it’s finally released.

[via 9to5Mac]