FedEx Surge Volume - iPhone 5

Does FedEx know something about Sept. 21 thru Sept. 24 that the rest of us don’t?

According to some information received by MacRumors, FedEx is moving around some training plans the company had scheduled between Sept. 21 thru Sept. 24 due to an upcoming “surge volume event.” While no potential explanation is given in the notice as to what is causing this surge in business, it happens to line up with persistent rumors that the iPhone 5 will be arriving to customers on Friday, Sept. 21.

As we all know now, the iPhone 5 will be announced next week on Sept. 12. Traditionally it has been a week or more after the announcement that the phone will go on sale, and rumors have been around since late July that the launch day would be on Sept. 21. The stars do seem to be aligning for that to be accurate, and we should know for sure next week.

If you see your FedEx delivery person that day, make sure to throw them a smile as they are sure to be frazzled.

[via MacRumors]