Apple_iPhone_5_Samsung_Galaxy_S_III_2According to PC Mag, Apple's new iPhone 5 is "the fastest smartphone" the publication has ever tested. In a series of performance-based evaluations — browser, general purpose and graphics — the device overshadowed every iPhone before it (expected) and also "Top Android Smartphones," including the Galaxy S III.

For the most part, the iPhone 5 easily outpaced the competition, particularly in browser benchmarks. Just as Apple suggested, the company's new handset more than doubled the performance of the iPhone 4S. And when it came to its Android enemy, the iPhone 5 scored up to 80 percent higher in Browsermark, which shows the superiority of mobile Safari.

In Geekbench (general purpose), the iPhone 5 narrowly beat out the S III and RAZR M, though Apple's device trailed significantly in memory and stream scores. However, in graphics, PC Mag said that the iPhone is "simply the more powerful phone," doubling the S III's results.

So it appears, at least for the moment, the iPhone 5 is "the fastest handheld computer sold in the US," PC Mag said. That is until, we'd assume, the beastly Galaxy Note II equipped with a quad-core Exynos hits running Jelly Bean.