There’s nothing like a last minute rumor on iPhone Eve to make you start scratching your head a bit.  We’ve been hearing lots about a blackout on vacation days at Apple Stores on October 14 & 15, leading everyone to believe that would be the launch day for the iPhone 5.  However, a trusted tipster got a hold of us this evening and suggested a new date out of the blue … Best Buy blue, that is.

salt shakerSaid source got a peek at the Best Buy Mobile store budget for the month, and there is an odd peculiarity for a certain day this month, and it’s not October 14th or 15th, it’s instead the 21st.  Apparently the budget for that day is ten times the normal budget for a Friday which led him to think it may be a significant phone release.  Not satisfied with that info we went back to the well and asked him when the last time was he saw a number similar to this because for all we know it could be some sort of super-sale.  The last time he saw these types of numbers was for the launch of the Evo 3D.  Still not 100% sold, we went back to him one more time to see if he could find out for us what the budget was for October 14th & 15th, and … they didn’t know the budget for those days.

With all of that out of the way, it leads us to two distinct possibilities: 1. The Apple Stores (and possibly some carrier stores) will be getting the new iPhone on October 14th, but stores such as Best Buy may be held off until the 21st.  This would make some sense as it would allow Apple more time to get more supplies into the country.  2. Everyone is getting the phone the 21st and the 14th & 15th vacation blackout for stores is either incorrect or it’s for training.

We will of course learn all of the secrets tomorrow during the Apple press event, but for now, it’s a fun last minute rumor to chew on – and one we suggest you take with a gigantic dose of salt – as you crawl into bed this evening waiting for Apple to bring your new toys in the morning.

What do you think this Best Buy budgeting anomaly could be?