How much RAM the new iPhone 5 is sporting has finally been revealed thanks to unobscured parts numbers shown during the presentation.

No one is quite sure why, but Apple never shares how much RAM its new iPhone has each year, and then a guessing game occurs for a week or two while everyone tries to figure it out. During the presentation of the iPhone 5 this past Wednesday, Apple showed an image of the A6 processor up on the screen, and all of its corresponding parts numbers were clearly seen. The folks at iFixit and MacRumors teamed up and went over Samsung product guides, and they were able to find correct A5 chip parts in the guide, and this led them to be able to confirm the corresponding numbers on the A6 chip, and come to the conclusion it supports 1GB of RAM.

iPhone 5 chart parts

And, yes, Apple is still partnering with Samsung for parts despite all of the legal actions the two companies have against one another around the world right now. One has to wonder when Apple will finally just purchase the means by which to make all of these parts for itself.

[via MacRumors]