We got a small glimpse of Speck’s new gear back at CES, and have had an itch to try them out for ourselves ever since. They’re not only some of the most colorful we’ve seen, but easily the most durable and stylish on the market. If you’re looking for protection, Speck is one of those names synonymous with great accessories, no matter if you’re looking for an iPhone, MacBook Air or even Kindle Fire case.

Even if you’re not a case person (I’m not) you have to admit that these look pretty cool. I did, however, for the sake of experience, use the PixelSkin HD for a few days and didn’t notice much of a difference—I consider that to be a good thing. The case adds minimal weight and thickness, so you hardly notice anything is there—it just as easily slid in and out of my pocket. Cases typically consume devices and make them look much larger than if they were naked, but not here.

The materials are very solid—none of them felt cheap—and very strong. Cases have a tendency to feel half-hearted, made of throwaway materials, malleable after extended use. But these, you can tell, can endure everyday wear and tear. The PixelSkin HD was easy to put on, and quite snug. The edges wrap around the top portion slightly, meaning dust and grime can’t sneak in. There’s always a worry of sand or other debris getting into cases when they’re on, but I didn’t notice any of that.

The SmartFlex Card for iPhone is a bit bigger than both PixelSkin models, but it introduces a wallet element to the equation—we can give its extra thickness a pass. You can carry up to three cards in the case (plus some cash), meaning you don’t have to lug a wallet around. I know you’re thinking that something like this can’t possible be secure, but it is. There’s no danger of your belongings accidentally falling out, yet it’s simple to push the cards out when you need them.

Simple, sturdy and flexible construction make these three cases some of the best I’ve seen. At $24.95 for the PixelSkin, $29.95 for the PixelSkin HD and $34.95 for the SmartFlex Card, you’re not putting down too much dough for quality products. The only hard part is choosing the right color. Duh—go with TechnoBuffalo blue.