We’ve already seen part leaks suggesting that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen, a home button and a headphone jack (gee, really?) and now the latest leak is upon us: images of what are allegedly Apple’s iPhone 5 front and rear-facing cameras and a home button flex cable. MacRumors, which published the pictures, noticed that the camera module doesn’t come with an LED flash — although you can bet Apple will still include one — and that it is very different from the current module employed in Apple’s iPhone 4S. We’re still not privy to the megapixel count, although we’re guessing it’s an 8-megapixel shooter.

MacRumors also published images of what are reportedly the front panels for a new iPod touch with a 4.1-inch display. MacRumors believes that Apple will likely use the same display size on the iPhone 5, which is on a par with reports from The Wall Street Journal and Reuters that claim Apple’s new iPhone will have “at least” a 4-inch display size. The images, however, are in contradiction from a separate report from 9to5Mac published Tuesday that suggests Apple’s already testing a new iPhone with a 3.95-inch display.

The influx of recent leaks suggests Apple is prepping to release its iPhone soon. We’re expecting to hear more this summer.


[via MacRumors]