The iPhone 5 rumors are starting to hit a fever pitch even though the rampant speculation is that we won’t see it released until this fall.  The latest is an image circulating of what is claimed to be the back panel cover of the iPhone 5.  It shows two holes, one being the camera socket and the other is presumed to be the new placement for the flash.  This matches up with a hole that was spotted on a supposed case for the next generation iPhone that has been circulating for a little over a week now.

Apple iPhone 5 leaked back cover

While interesting to look at, there is no way to speak to the validity of the case part we’re looking at in this picture.  Is it real?  Probably, but I wouldn’t say it with 100% certainty.  It isn’t unusual for parts to leak out of China early on in the build process, and seeing as this image originated there adds some authenticity to it.

Moving the flash further away from the lens is probably going to improve photos in certain situations, and if it doesn’t cause any other issues, then why not do it?  Only time will tell how real this is, but it definitely looks like we’re well on our way to the next generation smartphone from Apple.

What do you think of this possible part from the iPhone 5?

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