Tessco menu selection

Rumors spawning from supposed cases for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 have been about the only thing close to evidence to appear in the days leading up to the October 4 announcement date for the new phone.  We’ve seen ones in packaging clearly labeled for iPhone 4S show up in retail stores, and we’ve seen others come and go from websites that say they’re for the iPhone 5.  If it’s going to be just one phone come from Tuesday we clearly don’t know which name it will use, and if it’s going to be both phones … well, we’re still confused.

Today an anonymous tipster that works in an AT&T store sent us a rather intriguing new piece of evidence that supports the “one phone theory,” and that it will be the iPhone 5 as opposed to the 4S.

This tipster directed us to Tesssco.com, the website of a company that wholesales different accessories to stores including the corporate locations of AT&T.  He told us how to navigate the site, but it still isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, so here is a direct link to the most important page.  As you can see from the drop down menu pictured above, there is an option for the iPhone 5 in the menu, but none for an iPhone 4S.

Still not 100 percent convinced that this was some sort of concrete evidence, we started clicking on various items, and then clicked on their compatibility tab to see which devices they would work with.  The vast majority of the chargers listed a whole bevy of things they could work with, but they all listed “iPhone 5” as opposed to “iPhone 4S.”  Finding this to not be a whole lot of help, we kept digging, and it was when we got down to the cases that it got really interesting.

Tessco iPhone 5 case listings

The only two items with pictures list that they will work with a host of different devices. The remainder of the products only show company logos, and when you click on the compatibility tab, they only list the iPhone 5 as the device they are designed for.

We did some digging around in the iPhone 4 cases to see how those pages read, and all of them listed as being compatible with the various versions of the last generation phone.  This seems to shoot down at least one rumor we’ve seen time and time again that an iPhone 4S would be barely discernable from an iPhone 4.  While this still isn’t concrete information of course, it should kill that one particular rumor in light of the fact that you would figure the cases could conceivably work with both if that was the case.

There is every chance that for the time being people are calling the next iteration by the iPhone 5 moniker no matter what the eventual official name is from Apple.  These could actually be iPhone 4S cases and Tessco is simply listing them all as the iPhone 5 out of simplicity’s sake.  Come Tuesday morning they could go into their code, change “5” to “4S” and this would all change in the blink of an eye.  For the time being it is just another log on the fire that is “the next device is named the iPhone 5” fire.

What do you think the final name will be come Tuesday morning?

[thanks to Anonymous for the tip]