Apple is well-known for keeping a tight lid on its upcoming products. Steve Jobs, the CEO of the company, is never one to thrill to secrets of the yet-to-be-released products to leak out before he’s ready to announce them himself. With that in mind, we can’t imagine he’s too happy with Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer today when it comes to the iPhone 5.

Speaking at a Talking Tech even with Walt Mossberg from The Wall Street Journal, Stringer was discussing how the recent Japan Earthquake-Tsunami event had impacted one of Sony’s main camera sensor production facilities.  9to5 Mac was in attendance at the event, and paraphrased the following comment from the CEO:

Our best sensor technology is built in one of the (tsunami) affected factories.  Those go to Apple for their iPhones…or iPads.  Isn’t that something?  They buy our best sensors from us?

While he did not specifically mention the 8 megapixel specification, there have been rumors floating for some time now, some as far back as April 2010, that Apple was talking with Sony about sensors in that range.  Currently the iPhone 4 uses a 5 megapixel sensor from OmniVision, and while Apple may part ways with them for the next iteration of the phone, there is no indication as of yet that they will do so on other products that use cameras.

There have been some rumors that the iPhone 5 will be delayed until this fall, or even possibly 2012, and this could very well have to do with the lack of the needed camera sensors.  While most are speculating that is the reason, the rumors of a delay have been around for some time now, and it could just be the cameras added to whatever else is holding up the anticipated phone.

For now the rumors are still floating around of an all metal back and larger screen (see the artist rendering below), and even Sir Stringer’s apparent slip of the tongue, we still can’t be certain that the back camera will be 8MPs.  Odds are it is, but still take it was a grain of salt for the time being on the specs, but as for Sony making them, that definitely appears to be real.

What do you think?  Are Apple and Sony teaming up on iPhone 5 cameras?

iPhone 5 Black (Front and Side)

[via 9to5 Mac]