iPhone 4S vs Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800 was introduced this morning at Nokia World 2011, and it marks the beginning of a bold new age for the mobile phone maker as it is the first handset released under their new deal with Microsoft.  The question, of course, is how will it stand up against the hottest new phone currently on the market, the iPhone 4s.

We’ve set up the specs below for you to peruse, and there are some oddities in there to be sure, most notably the lack of a forward facing camera on the 800.  This has almost come to be a standard feature on modern handsets, so the lack of one here is quite noticeable.  Consumers can debate endlessly just how useful they really are, but when relaunching your brand, you would think you would want to at least offer everything people have come to expect and then some.  Add in the fact the rear camera shoots at 720p as opposed to 1080p, and it just gets all that much odder.

All that being said, as with most phones, it’s going to come down to the user experience that determines which is the right choice for you, and that is something specs can never determine.  I will say, just going off looks, the Lumia 800 is just a pretty, pretty phone.

What do you think of the Nokia Lumia 800 compared to the iPhone 4S?

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