iPhone 4S  Teardown

The folks over at iFixit, as is their ritual with new devices, have torn open the iPhone 4S to reveal what components come inside Apple’s latest. What goodies did they find? Well, “largely familiar waters,” at least for the most part.

One of the biggest questions consumers had once the iPhone 4S was announced was whether or not the 512MB of Ram was upgraded from last generation. Wonder no longer, as iFixit has officially confirmed that yes, the iPhone 4S does indeed come packed with only 512MG of Ram, the same as the iPhone 4. How do they know? A marking on the A5 chip, specifically E4E4, denotes, “two 2 Gb LPDDR2 die—for a total of 4 Gb—or 512 MB,” said iFixit. Many of the top smartphones hitting consumers these days seem to come packed with 1GB RAM, so it’s disappointing that Apple decided to leave this aspect unchanged.

The teardown also revealed a new iPhone 4S battery, which is larger and provides an extra .05 WHrs over the previous iPhone 4. The larger battery, coupled with the the A5 performance upgrade, will give the iPhone 4S an hour more talk time over 3G. Sadly, the iPhone 4S battery cannot be transfered over to the iPhone 4 because of different connector shapes. Boo.

Further exploration revealed that the iPhone 4S closely resembles the inner design of the iPhone 4 CDMA version, but of course it has world phone capabilities this go around. A small thing of note: the iPhone 4S also comes with the Verizon iPhone 4’s linear oscillating vibrator, making for a “quieter, softer and all-around less annoying than it’s counter-weighted predecessor.”

In all, the teardown is indeed informative but a bit on the underwhelming side for Apple fans. The Ram is the same as last year, and most things iFixit revealed we already expected. However, just because the Ram is still the same doesn’t mean it’s not the fastest smartphone on the market.

iPhone 4S Teardown Layout

[via iFixit]