iPhone 4S - OfficialDuring the Apple conference earlier today, a bunch of stats and numbers were tossed out at live-bloggers and audience attendees; they've since been spread around the net a little for perspective.

According to the presentation, as quoted to me by our own Noah Kravits, the iPhone 4S is all of these things:

"Dual-core CPU, twice as fast at CPU tasks, dual-core graphics and up to 7x faster than the previous iPhone. One area you really see it scream is in games."

That last bit, the bit about seeing the new hardware "scream" in games, that's the one that had me sitting up. I'm the games coverage guy for TechnoBuffalo, afterall, so seeing a company shout about the potential gaming performance of their upcoming device always strikes a chord.

Now, I've often written about the fact that portable gaming and mobile gaming are two entirely separate beasts. In fact, a core component to my argument has always been that smartphone gaming lacks a necessity for major gaming: physical analog sticks.

Still, as Apple used time in their packed conference to talk specifically about the gaming potential of the iPhone 4S, one has to assume that the company is taking the genre seriously. Seriously enough to challenge more traditional portable hardware? Well, Epic Games did demo and announce Infinity Blade 2 during the presser.

I will say this: Apple can increase the performance power and capabilities of their hardware as much as they want; however, it's game developers that will decide whether or not the gaming world will ever see those effects. Hardly any of the games in the App Store today currently make full use of Apple's current hardware capabilities, so what will developers do in light of performance enhancements?

All the upgrades in the world won't be noticed unless more game developers move away from cheap one-offs and start creating real, strong, video game efforts.

That's just my two cents. Do you think the iPhone 4S is stacked for gaming?