iPhone 4S Sprint preorders
Considering the rumors that Sprint has “bet the company” on the iPhone, it seemed odd when over 24 hours passed from the formal announcement that they would receive the iPhone 4S and nothing has appeared on the company website.  Perhaps someone at Sprint also finally realized this and decided to rectify the situation because it finally appeared last evening.

Typically when a carrier gets a major phone, it is immediately splashed all over their website, a press release goes out and it is screamed from all of the rooftops in the land; Sprint did none of those things.  While the news was indeed confirmed during the “Lets talk iPhone” media event, Sprint played it very low key, and the actual first formal announcement was a statement released to AllThingsD confirming that the company would indeed offer unlimited data to customers who purchased an iPhone from them.  Currently you are only able to pre-order the iPhone 4, but the iPhone 4S will open up to customers on Friday, October 7.

It was definitely curious that the company took so long to getting around to putting this information up, but whatever the case may be, those of you who are looking to either add the iPhone 4S to your current contract, or thinking about switching carriers to get in on the unlimited data, get set to start placing your pre-orders tomorrow.

Will you be picking up an iPhone 4S from Sprint?